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DemoForge Studio Open Source Developers Manifest

Open Source Developers Manifest

DemoForge Studio, an ultimate environment for the creation of software demonstration clips, is now available for absolutely free to all Open Source developers!

Many open-source projects are developed by enthusiasts who don't ask anything for their software, and who do not make any profit out of it. To support the open source movement by providing the developers with a simple way to demonstrate their software products to the users, we decided to provide a free license of a DemoForge Studio, a tool for creating animated demonstrations for the products you develop.

You qualify as an open source developer if your software is distributed under one of the licenses approved by OSI. *)

System requirements:
Please note that DemoForge Studio only works on the following platforms: Microsoft Windows 2000 Server or Microsoft Windows XP Professional. You will not be able to run DemoForge Studio on any of the UNIX machines.

Please fill out this form completely to obtain your copy of DemoForge Studio for free:

Personal information

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Information about your open source project

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*) You may only use your free DemoForge Studio license to create and distribute demos for the open-source project you applied for. Shall you need to create demonstrations for a commercial, shareware, freeware or any other non-open source project, you will have to purchase a commercial license.